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If you want to write an experiential essay to be evaluated toward elective, interdisciplinary or general education course credit, view the list of approved experiential learning essay topics and their sub-topics below. Select the topic that you’d like to write about, and you’ll find the sub-topics that are required for each essay.

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The Dangers of Social Media Essay

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Like technology, our species has adapted to fit modern times. Through these adaptations, we have begun to communicate through our newly developed technology by means of social media. In today’s society, we are surrounded by sites such as Facebook, Twitter, E-Mail, and various other websites that can often times consume our lives. While social media has plenty of advantages, it also has disadvantages that often times get ignored. As Internet users, it is important to examine these disadvantages and make sure we understand the negative sides to social media. As social media has become the easiest way to communicate, face-to-face interaction is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Many people, especially those…show more content…

Since then, the rates have only increased. Because adolescents are growing up with more access to social networking, texting and instant messaging on various sites have become prime means of communication. While this is not necessarily bad, many people feel the need to over-share things about their personal lives online. More and more people are using Facbeook and more and more employers are using Facebook to scope out potential employees. If there are inappropriate pictures and comments all over someone’s Facebook page, they are more likely to not receive the job. Some students get in trouble for things they post on Facebook and Twitter. Some users are beginning to notice this and have started deactivating their accounts to regain a sense of privacy. CNN’s article “The anti-social network: Life without Facebook”, states that some students who are trying to maintain a professional image for future employment are deleting their pages. Going along with the privacy issue, some people feel that they no longer want to share personal things with their Facebook friends. Often times, their friends are people that they barely know, whether they went to high school together or they may be a friend of a friend. Users feel that these people do not need to know all of the intimate details of their lives. The same CNN article tells a story about a couple who deleted their accounts in order to reestablish past

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