Uu100 Assignment 1 Answer

An important ability is to be knowing the various search strategies to find information from various resources, but the quality of the information acquired is a question. To answer this one needs to carefully evaluate the information. START (Scope, Treatment, Authority, Relevance and Timeliness) is one of the technique that can be employed to see the reliability of the information. Hence, this essay will be evaluating an article “ Impact of Mobile phone and Social media tools on the lives of Pacific Islanders” using the START technique. To begin with, Scope criteria highlights the type of information acquired and the type of information gathered and is the information sufficient for the research. According to the title, requirements were to highlight mobile phones and social media tools impact the lives of pacific islanders as the keywords “impact” “social media tools” and “pacific islanders” signified. Furthermore, after analyzing the article it was noted that the information required was present in the article. The entry contains a detailed summary

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