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Dreams Are Like Stars Essay Examples

Have you had a dream about stars? Finding out the meaning of stars in your dream is important if they are a reoccurring theme for you. My dreamer today is Edele from Clare, Ireland and she has sent me a very beautiful and interesting dream about stars.

Edele’s star dream

“I was dreaming of the night sky and star constellations. They all seemed to be marked out like in a book with the dots connected. At one point I thought they were hidden from me but they weren’t. I saw 3/4 interlocking circles in the sky in a line.”

Your star dream meaning

Hey, lucky you, Edele – this dream is a very good omen. Stars symbolise good fortune, good luck, lofty ideals and excellence as well as achievements and success. Nice!

When you dream about stars and constellations, you are thinking of success and your true likes and goals. Stars represent the heavens to us – they are greater and more remote than man – therefore this dream may also mean that you are able (at this time) to trust in the hands of fate.

Stars also represent fame and fortune and the people that we look up to and admire. Think of the Hollywood Walk of Fame where the world’s biggest and brightest stars get an actual star laid in their name here on earth, for everyone to see.

There are also expressions such as “starry eyed” which is what we feel when we are in love, or (and I hate to say it) blinded or a bit delusional at some points. Stars can be blinding, and they are what we see when we are about to faint, so there can also be this element to the dream. Being starry eyed is defined as “having hopes and desires that are not realistic or practical” so consider this meaning as well, Edele. Your dream meanings can be interpreted when you sit and meditate on them.

Dreaming of stars is a spiritual dream

You also mention a very important part of the dream – that the stars were all interlocking and in patterns and that you thought they were hidden from you but they were not. They were intertwined in circles – meaning connection, infinity, wholeness.

This is a very special dream, Edele. This dream is showing you how your soul or spirit is an essential, interlocking part of the universe. The secrets of the universe are not hidden from you at all – they are within you, waiting for you.

What a beautiful dream, Edele. Remember, only you can truly interpret your dreams, so spend some time meditating on these thoughts and see what surfaces for you. A star dream is something very, very special. A star dream has a very spiritual context.

Sweet dreams!

If you would like a Dream Interpretation – head here and send me an email. If you have trouble remembering your dreams, check out this post How to remember your dreams | I can’t remember my dreams


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Have you had a dream of a star? The star dream meaning is very special & may hold deep spiritual significance. Interpret the meaning of your star dream.


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