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When you delve into Cassandra Clare’s fantastic world of Shadowhunters it’s very hard to stop! I have just finished the second book in The Infernal Devices trilogy, Clockwork Prince; it stole my heart.

Becoming acquainted with the characters in the first book, I feel that in this book we get to know much more in depth information about the emotional aspects of them. I’d say the main protagonists are most certainly Tessa, Will and Jem. I’d not so much go as far to say this book includes a love triangle between the three, just bad timing and love that is so strong yet so beautiful.

Tessa was easily my favourite character in the first book. I loved (and still love) her feisty attitude and the compassion she has for all those around her; she thinks of others more than herself.

However, in this book I found myself eager to hear about the boys, Jem and Will. Especially Will, who my heart breaks for: in the first book it’s clear he’s troubled by some darkness that tortured him deep down, but we were never sure what. Finally, we find out but I was so sad to hear the news – not because of what is revealed to him, but of the way it turns out. His fierce devotion to Jem as his parabatai is something that cannot be explained, only through the way Cassandra Clare describes their relationship, as well as the things they do for each other, can anyone truly understand.

Personally, I felt that we also got to identify with the lesser characters in this book such as: Henry, Charlotte, even Sophie. Family is talked about a lot too, even though most of the characters have lost, in whichever way, their blood relatives, it is proven that by living with each other in the Institute a family is formed.

Victorian London in these books still intrigues me, the description is so detailed that I can imagine it so clearly - which I think is very important when reading a book; you know it’s great when you can picture the story playing out in your mind. Yes, for all those who have read these books, I do very much want to be a part of the Shadowhunter world. Who wouldn’t?

Overall, I’d have to say the stand out part of Clockwork Prince for me would be the on going relationships between Tessa and Will, Tessa and Jem, and the loyalty they all seem to share for each others feelings. In my eyes, I believe people may assume Will as being completely deserving as to what he gets bit ultimately he just wants what anyone wants... love. He’s overwhelmed by the most romantically, enchanting love for Tessa, but he won’t allow himself even after all his suffering to have her as much as he wants to because of the brotherhood he treasures with Jem.

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Okay, before I stop I have to say that as much as I got swept away by all the emotion the adventure/danger is magnificent! The mystery of the Magister and his mission is still very much surrounding the institution. It’s hard to trust anyone, suspicion is in the air. As Tessa’s beginning to find out more about the world she now resides in, her heart is torn between not just two boys but two who are bound to each other. Drawn to Jem yet always longing for Will despite his increasingly awful moods, she can’t help herself.

Such an exciting follow up to Clockwork Angel, Cassandra Clare has indeed done it again! I cannot wait to read the final instalment- a must read trilogy!

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CLOCKWORK PRINCE is as clever and witty as it is amorous and enthralling. Cassandra Clare has created a story of love, loss, and self-sacrifice that's difficult to put down. The consistent, descriptive backdrop of 1850 London offers readers an English escape, he characters are lovable, and the scenes are mostly engaging. Each character, quirky and unique in his or her own way, is on a road toward self-discovery and holds an invaluable role that completes their unbreakable, forged family unit.

The female leads (Charlotte, Tessa, and Sophie) model intelligence, strength, and independence. Although each plays a distinct role (one as head of the Institute, one an American mundane, the other a servant), each offers a strength the others lack. Charlotte is independent, Tessa is tenacious, and Sophie is resilient. As the three women struggle to  find their own identities, each comes to the realization that feminine strength is found within your individual voice -- and from being heard.

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