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Law Reform Committee Essay Definition

Essay on Effectiveness of Law Reform

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Evaluate the Effectiveness of Law Reform in Australia
Law Reform in Australia is effective in varying degrees. Through Native Title Reform and Law Reform in Sport, the effectiveness of Law Reform in Australia is further outlined.
The term ‘Native Title’ refers to the right of Indigenous people to their traditional land. In Australia it has a legal significance of the right to an area of land, claimed by people whose ancestors were the original inhabitants of the land before European settlement. Also who can prove that they have had a continuous connection with the land. Native Title is the term given by the High Court to Indigenous land rights by the Court in Mabo and others v State of Queensland (No.2) [1992] HCA 23. The case required…show more content…

Sport is a part of Australian culture, in which Australian athletes have performed well over the past years. ‘Sport Law’ ranges over the areas of contract law, tort law, and the criminal law. Tort law is the body of law that deals with civil wrongs including negligence, defamation, trespass and nuisance.
Civil litigation is court action brought to remedy a wrong or breach of contract. This is shown through Canterbury Bulldogs player Sonny Bill Williams breached his contract by walking out on the club after having signed a contract which was legally binding. Through this law reform has been further enhanced in Australian sport.
Compensatory damages of more than $68,000 were awarded and the court held that Bugden’s club bore vicarious liability for assault during being employed as a player. Vicarious liability is the legal liability imposed on one person or agent (e.g. an employer) for the wrongful acts of another, when those acts were done within the scope of the legal relationship between them, such as employment.
The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) is a statutory authority of the Australian government. This established the Australian Sports Commission Act 1989 (Cth), the ASC plays a role in the development and

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A law commission, law reform commission, or law revision commission is an independent body set up by a government to conduct law reform; that is, to consider the state of laws in a jurisdiction and make recommendations or proposals for legal changes or restructuring.

The first term is prevalent in the United Kingdom, the second is prevalent in the Commonwealth, and the third one is prevalent in the United States, where "reform" is too strong a term (it necessarily implies the legislature must have been incompetent or corrupt).


The functions of a law commission body include drafting revised versions of confusing laws, preparing consolidated versions of laws, making recommendations on updating outdated laws and making recommendations on repealing obsolete or spent laws. Law commissions often undertake projects focusing on legislation, although their mandates may be narrower or broader.[1]

List of law commissions[edit]

  • Australia – Australian Law Reform Commission
  • Canada – the Law Commission of Canada was established by the Law Commission of Canada Act on July 1, 1997 and was eliminated in 2006.[2] It replaced the Law Reform Commission of Canada, which was created in 1971 and was dissolved in 1993 by the Mulroney government. On September 25, 2006, funding to the Commission was eliminated by the Harper government.
  • Fiji – Fiji Law Reform Commission
  • Hong Kong – Law Reform Commission of Hong Kong, established in 1980
  • India – Law Commission of India
  • Bangladesh - Law Commission of Bangladesh established in 1976.
  • Ireland – The Law Reform Commission, established under the Law Reform Commission Act 1975
  • Jersey – Jersey Law Commission established by the States of Jersey in 1996
  • Nepal – Nepal Law Commission established by the Nepal Law Commissions Act 2007
  • New Zealand – New Zealand Law Commission established by the Law Commission Act 1985
  • South Africa - South African Law Reform Commission
  • United Kingdom
  • United States - Office of the Law Revision Counsel of the United States House of Representatives

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