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Case Study 9 The Boy Whose Feet Hurt Answers To Impossible Quiz

Question 58



Q86 of TIQ2
The Tab Cheat
The nasty habit of blowing into the cartridge (it's bad for the game)

Question 58 from The Impossible Quiz Book is the eighth question of Chapter 2, and the eighth one from the Monochrome video game era.

This time, you're asked "How do you win an extra guy?". The options you're given contain "Reset", "Press Tab" (Referencing the Tab Cheat), "Remove the cartridge and blow into it" and a programming command that consists of three lines, saying '10 PRINT "FLAN"/20 GOTO 10/RUN'.

In reality, and quite obviously by looking at the answers, none of these is correct. If you want to move on to the following question, you have to press the number 1 key, then the up arrow key on your keyboard; the question's text will then be replaced by a new one that says "1-UP!", referring to the word that pops up whenever you gained an extra life in many non-modern video games. Shortly afterwards, you'll proceed.


  • If you press the fourth option, the screen will be covered by a succession of copies of the word "FLAN", aligned on the left side of the screen and scrolling down from the upper edge, before reverting back to the question screen and taking a life (or your Lifebuoy) away from you. This is because the command featured in that option is used in basic programming to infinitely print copies of the word written between the quotation marks.
  • This question was originally going to be placed as number 53, as evidenced by a picture posted in an August 2009 deviantArt journal by Splapp.

55 Case Study 9 The Boy Whose Feet Hurt Jamie is an active 14-year-old who rides his bike to school most days, hikes and camps with his Boy Scout troop, and plays soccer, basketball, and baseball. One Saturday after hiking with the Scouts, Jamie complains to his parents of “sore feet.” Both feet appear somewhat swollen and are slightly warm to the touch. His parents ask if he hurt his feet on the hike. Jamie remembers that he slipped during the hike and landed awkwardly, but nothing fell on his feet. Jamie’s parents tell him to rest for the remainder of the day and he will probably be fine the next morning. On Sunday, the swelling has decreased, and Jamie resumes his normal activities. A week later, Jamie again complains that his feet are sore and that his favorite hiking boots feel too tight. Growing concerned, his parents tell him to rest and to refrain from athletic activities until he can be checked out. They make an appointment with his pediatrician for the next week. During the examination, the pediatrician notes Jamie’s activities and relative absence of injuries. Jamie’s vital signs are all within normal range for a 14-year-old boy, and his feet do not appear swollen or inflamed. X rays of his feet show no broken bones. Based on these results, the pediatrician suggests that Jamie has unduly stressed his feet by participating in so many activities. He recommends a week of rest and tells Jamie’s father to schedule another appointment if the pain returns. After resting for the prescribed length of time, Jamie again resumes his normal activities. Unfortunately, the pain returns, so he goes to see his pediatrician the next day. Upon examination, the doctor notes that Jamie’s feet are swollen, warm, and tender to the touch. In addition, the pain seems to be localized along the heel. X rays for fractures are again negative, and no bone spurs are apparent. Tests for other childhood diseases and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis are also negative. Based on these signs and the absence of other diseases, the pediatrician diagnoses Jamie with Sever disease. He explains that this condition is common in children between the ages of 8 and 16, especially those who are very active. Treatment will consist of placing special pads in the heels of Jamie’s shoes to relieve the strain on the tendon in his heel and limited use of aspirin to alleviate the pain. The pediatrician tells

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