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Essay On 9-11 Attack

9/11 Attacks Essay

One of the most devastating days in U.S. history was September 11, 2001 when the Twin Towers in New York City fell. Almost 3,000 innocent people died on that day. The outcome was serious on society and buffed up security in airports lots. A plane also hit the Pentagon, and one was heading for the White House. In this paper we will investigate about the hijackers, what the impact on society was, security in airports, communication, and the aftermath.
The security in airports up to 2001 was very inadequate. At the time it was not thought that 19 hijackers could take over 4 planes and smuggle box cutters and knives easily (“9/11 Attacks”, 2013). All that there was at the time was a conveyer belt for x-ray scans, and a metal detector. Since then, if somebody looks suspicious, we have bomb detectors, drug dogs, excessive background checks, and pat downs. We have even gone as far as interrogation rooms.
Some things that airports allow people think are ridiculous. For example, you can check bags that have crossbows, hammers, knives, etc. This actually is a very safe procedure and if any item on the list is found in the bag without knowledge from the airport, you get arrested. Another point to this is that the item is a checked bag, and is not a carry-on. This way you cannot physically have the item(s) with you in your seat, so nobody on the plane is in immediate danger. Either way, airport security has gone up dramatically.
Communication between everybody and everything on September 11th was very vague and confusing. News networks that day were utterly confused and could not keep up with all that was happening. It was such a surprise to everyone that news casters did not know what to say or do the moment things happened, like when the North and South towers fell. One reporter on New York’s WABC said “If you are a child watching this and you do not have a parent there, I do not know what to advise you, if you understand this. This is so tragic that it is ridiculous to try to talk through this.” (“Three hours that shook America: A chronology of chaos” August 25th 2002.)
Another example is an audio clip from flight 11 between flight attendant Betty Ong and ground personnel. Information states that they were on the line for almost the entire duration of the flight after the plane was hijacked (“9/11 Memorial Timeline” 2013.) The conversation in the clip is very confusing and has to be heard a couple of times to hear exactly what they are talking about. For example, in the clip, ground personnel have to ask Betty Ong several times what her seat number is before they finally get the answer. Several other video/audio clips are very similar to this one.
As soon as the first plane hit the WTC, emergency services were heading to the scene. Also, about 5 minutes later, President Bush was notified while he was at a school in Florida. About 15 minutes after the crash, the south tower was being evacuated. Many people could still argue that the communication...

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Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001, saw the world in a state of stunned disbelief at the most daring act of terrorism ever committed. In a devilishly brilliant plan designed for maximum impact, terrorists hijacked four planes and had three of them crash into America’s most prominent buildings namely, the twin towers of Wo rid Trade Centre at New York and the Pentagon at Washington within a span of 60 minutes. It was an unforgettable 60 minutes of hell for America. The event shook the very foundation of United States of America.

It all began on Tuesday morning Sept. 11, 2001, when four commercial aeroplanes were hijacked by terrorists belonging to a terrorist organisation named Al-Qaida group. The attack is said to have been masterminded by the notorious terrorist chief named ‘Osama-bin-Laden, the chief of Al-Qaida organisation. The attack was aimed at destroying the American might as America stood against the Pak-Islamic expansion over the Middle East and tried to suppress Muslim fundamentalism and ‘Jehad’ (holy war) in different parts of the world including Afghanistan and Palestine.

Each plane had four to five hijackers who using simple weapons as knives managed to get control of the planes and directed the planes to their pre-planned destinations. They also disabled plane’s transponders so as not to be detected by radars. At 8.48 a.m. the first of the four hijacked planes with 81 passengers and 11 crew hit the North Tower of the World Trade Centre (WTC) at New York on its 80th floor.

Image Source: i.ytimg.com

About two hours later, the North Tower collapsed. At 9.03 a.m. another plane with 56 passengers and 9 crewmen on board hit South Tower of the WTC. About an hour later, the South tower too came crumpling down. At 9.38 a.m. the third hijacked plane with 58 passengers and 6 crew on board crashed into Pentagon destroying a part of the building. The fourth hijacked plane didn’t succeed in its mission as it crashed into a desolate place near Pittsburg, probably after a fight between the passengers and the hijackers.

The impact of three crashes was terrible. The hijacked planes were turned into airborne bombs carrying a full load of aviation fuel. The two Boeing, which hit the New York towers, carried about 90, 720 liters while the other two Boeings had about 42,680 liters of fuel. As the two Boeings hit the twin towers the oil spilled out burning, and turned the two towers into a burning inferno. The solid steel frames could not withstand the terrible heat and within minutes melted away resulting in the collapse of the 1,368 ft. towers.

N o other event in America’s recent history has had so much impact on American establishment, economy and political leadership as this event. More than 10,000 people were feared to be dead. The two towers had about 155 business concerns and employed nearly 50,000 people.

Thirty billion dollars worth property was destroyed. The Wall Street, the nerve-centre of world’s stock market was closed for four days-first time in history. People of New York and other cities became panic-stricken. A feeling of terror struck America for the first time. White house was evacuated. The American President, George W. Bush was taken to a safe place.

All major Govt, offices were closed. All American airports were temporarily shut down. All flights to and fro America were suspended. Schools and colleges all over America were declared closed. For the first time, since the Second World War, tanks and armed policemen began to patrol the American cities. The economic impact of the attack was beyond calculation. The headquarters of over 100 American Business establishments were reduced to ashes. However, the most significant consequences of the attack was that the myth of American invincibility was demolished for good. The 9/11 event, as it is known today, is said to be a ‘second Pearl Harbour event’ in the history of America.

The towering inferno in New York has illuminated the darkest reality of our time- the power of terrorism. It has shown that terrorism has no frontiers and no power, however, supreme and invincible they may appear to be, is strong enough to thwart the designs of terrorists. It is time that the world stands together and fights this menace unitedly. Many more Osama-bin-Laden’s are likely to emerge in the future. Only a united world can withstand their might and designs.

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