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Sample Essay Kidnapping Story

"once Upon A Time" Kidnapping....

  It was late fall in 2001. I was seven years old and in first grade at an elementary school in a southern state. It was D.E.A.R. day, and I was reading a fairy tail, one that began with "Once Upon A Time." Suddenly the speaker crackled to life saying, "------(I would rather not disclose my name) come to the office for early dismissal!"

 I looked up in surprise from my book. That was me, and thought I didn't remember my mom telling me that I would be checked out of school early, I jumped at the chance of leaving early!

 I happily went to the office carrying my bookbag. There a strange man and woman were standing by the doorway. "Come along sweetie, your mother is just outside. She is taking a phone call, and told us to direct you to her." The woman said with a friendly smile. I foolishly went with them, letting them guide me to a red mini van parked on the side of my school. Then it is really just a blur. I remember the man picking me up, bookbag and all, while the woman opened the sliding door. The man threw me in and sat on the seat behind me while the woman slamed the door and got behind the wheel. He suddenly put a wet handkerchief to my face and I blacked out.

 I awoke to a distant laughter. I tried moving my arms and legs, but found that they were tied tightly with duck tape. I opened my eyes to darkness, though there was a faint light in the corner of my eye. I managed to twist around on my side so I was able to see clearly the light. To my surprise I found that it was a brokent window, sunlight filtering through.

 Hours later, maybe days, I thought, later the woman came in and cut the tape holding me captive, then forced me to undress and put on faded sweat pants and a sweat shirt that were much too large. Then she tied me up again, using the same ducktape that had been cut to remove.

 I will never know why the woman did this, as my captors were never caught, but I did know that I was gone for 24 hours. Somehow, by rubbing my bonds against the concret floor, I managed to be set free. I climbed through the window and ran, never looking back. A nice policeman took me home, and my family's reunion was long and sweet. I will never forget this "Once upon a time" kidnapping, and I can tell you that I am definately more cautious. To this day, whenever I am checked out at school, I make sure it is my mom before I go with them! 

Inspector James was at his office that Sunday. There was an urgent case which needed his attention. A thirteen-year old girl had been kidnapped near her home a few days ago.

It happened like this. Shirley, the kidnap victim, was walking towards her house when she was kidnapped by four burly men in a red van. Two of the men grabbed the poor girl and carried her into the van which sped off immediately. A neighbor had witnessed this incident who quickly informed her parents and together lodged a police report. The next day, a ransom note had been sent to her wealthy parents. demanding a quarter of a million dollars to secure her release. The police were trying all they could to rescue the girl and to apprehend her kidnappers.

That Sunday morning, Inspector James had received a mysterious message at his office. It was sent by mail in a white envelope and written on a plain white A4-size paper. It read:

The girl is save for the moment. Hurry or she will be raped and killed when the ransom is paid.

The message was signed "A Friend". Inspector James knew that what the message indicated could well be true. Shirley would have seen the faces of the kidnappers and they might well kill her when they had received the money to save themselves from being identified in future.

But who had written the message ? It seemed to Inspector James that it must be one of the kidnappers who did not want to be an accessory to murder. Inspector James scrutinized the piece of paper and turned it first one side and then the other. The writer had told him to hurry but he had not revealed the place where the girl was held captive.

He pondered over this message for a long while and then an idea struck him. He went to the wastepaper basket and retrieved the envelope in which the message was sent. There right before his eyes was the address of an industrial office building in Mamba Street. That was the actual message, the location of the kidnappers.

Inspector James quickly gathered a force of his men and raided the location. It proved to be true. the kidnappers, who thought that they were sitting pretty, were not prepared for the police raid and were quickly overpowered and arrested. The girl was found tied to a chair and was not harmed in any way.

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