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Case Study Bentwood Bed Reviews

case study bentwood bed

Design Modernica
26-layer maple plywood, 6-ply legs, steel
Made in the USA by Modernica

The Case Study® bed is uniquely functional with its hardwood ply and zinc-plated perforated steel platform inserts which take the place of a box spring and allow the mattress to breathe naturally. Hand built of top quality 26-layer maple plywood resting on six, rather than four, 6-ply bentwood legs giving the bed extra strength and stability. This classic hand crafted mid-century design is made in the USA and engineered to last a lifetime.

Available in either chrome plated steel V-legs or bentwood multi-ply legs in a choice of natural, classic or walnut finishes. Shown here in classic wood stain. Mattress and bedding are not included. Simple assembly required. Fits mattresses up to 9" h.

* The single bed frame is constructed with solid steel springs conveniently accessible under a removable canvas cover. All larger bed frames are delivered with zinc-plated perforated steel inserts.

* The platform ships in one-piece and does not disassemble. Please check your measurements and plan accordingly.

single: 30" h | 38" w | 75" L | shipping box dimensions: 78" L | 5" h | 42" w | 60 lbs. packed
full: 30" h | 55" w | 76.5" L | shipping box dimensions: 80" L | 5" h | 58" w | 115 lbs. packed
queen: 30" h | 60" w | 80" L | shipping box dimensions: 89" L | 6" h | 66" w | 120 lbs. packed
standard king: 30" h | 76" w | 80" L | shipping box dimensions: 92" L | 5" h | 80" w | 130 lbs. packed
california king: 30" h | 72" w | 84" L | shipping box dimensions: 92" L | 5" h | 80" w | 130 lbs. packed

platform height: 9" h | platform: 1.25" thick | floor to top of platform: 10"
top of platform - bottom headboard: 8.5" | top of platform to top of headboard: 20.25"
headboard: 12"

$1,185.75 + free curbside shipping in the continental U.S.
(usually ships in 4-6 weeks)

Modernica’s first official year as a furniture manufacturer came in 1989, after Frank and Jay Novak purchased 12,000 discarded plastic shell chairs and created bases and shock mounts for them. The shells had been discarded by Century Plastics, after Herman Miller discontinued their production of fiberglass chairs. Modernica founded their company on the heels of the North American Modernist movement and perpetuated the idea of the burgeoning modernist California lifestyle.

If it looks like a duck...
First off I don't recall saying that it made me puke. I believe I said it was an ill-proportioned, derivative, POS. And I firmly stand by those words, especially now that they've released the accompanying bedside table - which looks like an Eames chair ran headlong into a school desk.

Liking something doesn't make it good. (the popularity of Justin Beiber should aptly illustrate this point.)

Secondly, I was pretty clear in my reasons for criticizing it. Modernica is very up-front that the bed is "inspired" by the Case Study Houses. Their lack of specificity can only point a fear of being sued should they even come close to using the Eames name. Ergo derivative.

The majority of reactions in posts about the bed (present company excluded) is that the legs are heavy and stubby. Ergo ill-proportioned. (proportion being the visual relationships that influence perceptions of beauty)

Instead of criticizing me for being negative why don't you take one of your many posts about the Alpine bed and lob some substantive points about why it's good instead of simplistically repeating "I like it."

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