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Business Plan Assignment In Bangladeshi

To, Shubhankar shill School Of Business University of liberal Arts Banglabesh Date: 19 th August, 2012 Dear Sir, It is an immense gratification for me to put forward this report on a Business Plan to you, which you requested me to put in order as a confirmation of the appliance of acquaintance you taught us in entrepreneurship course. On the process of preparing this report, I learned to take steps as a group with each of us working all the time on this project. It has helped us to expand a lot of knowledge about how lounges operate in our country and what steps should be taken to set up a new business. This project has also helped us to evaluate the knowledge I leaned in the class room with its` real life application. It has farther enforced our confidence that the things I learned will be truly required in realistic existence, rather than text or definitions to be memorized and then over and done. If for whichever cause, you are unable to deduce anything, please do not pause to contact me for clarification. I hope you will forgive me for making any mistakes, lacking or inconveniences. Sincerely Yours, Imtiaz Parvez


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